TOGAF 9.2 Foundation & Certified

Course Code:
4 days
9.00am to 5.00pm  
Course Fees:
S$4,180(excl of G.S.T)
2021 Course Dates
Dates available on request
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Course Overview

The Open Group TOGAF® 9 standard is the global industry standard Enterprise Architecture framework utilized by the world’s leading organizations to improve efficiency. TOGAF® certification is the most widely-recognized certification in the Enterprise Architecture sphere, a distinct credential that makes a difference on any CV. Consider the following:

• According to Certification Magazine, TOGAF-certified architects earn 22% more than non-certified ones.
• According to LinkedIn research, 26% of Enterprise Architects are TOGAF-certified.
• According to The Open Group, 50 thousand professionals today are TOGAF-certified.

This course furnishes the participants with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. It offers the means of uniting different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management under one common framework.

Program Objectives

• To understand and apply TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases in the development of an Enterprise Architecture journey.

• To understand the importance of the role of IT Architecture Governance in the context of an Enterprise Architecture, and how that can help in tracking business metrics.

• To understand the Architecture Building Block (ABB) and how the Solution Building Block (SBB) can be implemented and mapped according to the ABB.

• To analyse the IT stakeholders and how to apply the appropriate Stakeholder Management Technique to ensure in getting the buy-in and support.

• To apply TOGAF® Technical Reference Model and customize it to meet an organisation’s needs.

• To adapt and incorporate IT Security and Cloud/SOA into the TOGAF® framework.

• To understand how to fit the technology/platform solutions into the TOGAF® framework.

Course Outline

Course Outline:

• Course Introduction
• Management Overview
• The TOGAF Framework Components
• An Introduction to the Architecture Development Method
• The Enterprise Continuum
• The Architecture Repository
• The Architecture Content Framework
• The Architecture Content Metamodel
• The Preliminary Phase
• Architecture Governance
• Business Scenarios
• Stakeholder Management
• Architecture Views and Viewpoints
• Building Blocks and the ADM
• Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
• Phase A: Architecture Vision
• Phase B: Business Architecture
• Phase B: Business Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams and Matrices
• Phase C: Information Systems Architectures
• Phase C: Data Architecture
• Phase C: Data Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
• The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
• Phase C: Applications Architecture
• Phase C: Applications Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
• TOGAF Foundation Architecture: the TRM
• Phase D: Technology Architecture
• Phase D: Technology Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
• Migration Planning Techniques
• Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
• Phase F: Migration Planning
• Phase G: Implementation Governance
• Phase H: Architecture Change Management
• ADM Requirements Management
• Architecture Partitioning
• Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Iteration and Levels
• Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Security
• Architecture Maturity Models
• Architecture Skills Framework

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