Article From: Disruptive Tech Asean, December 13, 2018

TIBCO Software Inc., announced its partnership with Avantus Training, a Singapore-based premier learning provider, with an intent to educate and deliver a suite of developmental training programmes.

As part of the partnership, Avantus Training will offer a host of business solutions including the TIBCO Spotfire which is TIBCO’s data visualisation and statistical software that acts as a tool for business intelligence and provide predictive analytics to professionals that need powerful yet easy to use data analysis that are imperative in coming together sound business decisions.

The TIBCO – Avantus Training programme will also offer the TIBCO Cloud on a regular schedule. This fundamental course will allow users to enhance their knowledge on the different ways of capturing data, connecting through the applications, turning the results into effective business decisions, and executing analytically fuelled actions.

Bert Brouwer, TIBCO’s Senior Director, Professional Services, Asia Pacific, said, “Our partnership with Avantus Training has come at a perfect time in Singapore. As part of the country’s Smart Nation and digital transformation plans, most organisations that deal with massive amount of data have recognised that it is an expected phenomenon. These entities have a better understanding that this explosion of data, most especially from the influx of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, require real-time analysis that can provide actionable and insights relevant for more effective decision-making.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been bridging physical and digital spheres in very advanced ways, especially in Singapore, where IoT is just as fundamental to the Smart Nation journey. However, the most critical shortage in IoT deployment is skills. Analytics cannot always be easily handled by IT infrastructure at the edge or indeed those without the specialist data science skills. Without these capabilities and specific skills, the choice of technology becomes paramount if IoT intelligence is to be augmented and the edge of digital businesses expanded for organisations. One solution is to take a two pronged attack which can both tackle the need for smarter connectivity while delivering real-time insights in a more accessible and easy-to-use way.

Brouwer explained, “The basic understanding of what is happening and how to manage this massive surge of data has indeed become highly essential for cost-effective business operations. The TIBCO tools as well as the training courses that are now available through Avantus Training will definitely be the definitive guide to TIBCO users, providing them greater amount of knowledge as well as strengthening their analytical skills through better practice of our integral business solutions.”

Participants will be provided with hands-on practice using the TIBCO tools, particularly the TIBCO Spotfire, in order to be equipped with in-depth knowledge on data science. Participants will also be getting the benefits of real-time visual analytics by Spotfire, such as accelerate analytics, generate higher value insights, and analyse the root cause issue.

“We are greatly pleased with our partnership with TIBCO. It is a privilege to offer their host of business solutions through our platforms. Their mission to educate the TIBCO users is aligned with our goal to equip our participants, who are career driven and lifelong learners, with the right skills, and ultimately, increase their levels of expertise,” said Lawrence Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Avantus Training.

Apart from this new partnership with the leading IT learning centre in Singapore, TIBCO has been collaborating with various educational institutions to support its goal of elevating the digital knowledge in the region.