Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible

Course Code:

5 days
9:00am to 5.00pm
Course Fees:
S$4,800 (excl of G.S.T)
2021 Course Dates
12 – 15 Jul 2021
23 – 26 Aug 2021
20 – 23 Sep 2021
18 – 21 Oct 2021
15 – 18 Nov 2021
6 – 9 Dec 2021
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Course Overview

Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294) teaches the skills needed to manage large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently. You will learn the techniques needed to use Ansible® to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration.
This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 and Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.8.

Program Objectives

• Install and configure Ansible or Red Hat Ansible Engine on a control node

• Create and manage inventories of managed hosts, as well as prepare them for Ansible automation

• Run individual ad hoc automation tasks from the command line

• Write Ansible Playbooks to consistently automate multiple tasks and apply them to managed hosts

• Parameterize playbooks using variables and facts, and protect sensitive data with Ansible Vault

• Write and reuse existing Ansible roles to simplify playbook creation and reuse code

• Automate common Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration tasks using Ansible

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduce Ansible

Module 2: Deploy Ansible

Module 3: Implement playbooks

Module 4: Managed variables and facts

Module 5: Implement task control

Module 6: Deploy files to managed hosts

Module 7: Managed large project

Module 8: Simplify playbooks with roles

Module 9: Troubleshoot Ansible

Module 10: Automate Linux Administration tasks

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