Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert

Course Code:

3 days
8.30am to 5.30pm  
SSG Funding Validity Period
13 Sep 2018 – 11 Sep 23
 Course Fees:
S$650 (excl of G.S.T)
Course Reference Number

Mode of Training
Instructor-led (Classroom)

2022 Course Dates
17 – 19 Jan 2022
28 Feb – 2 Mar 2022
28 – 30 Mar 2022
25 – 27 Apr 2022
30 May – 1 Jun 2022
27 – 29 Jun 2022
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SkillsFuture Credit Eligible

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

Course Overview

Microsoft Excel Expert teaches participants how to use a variety of intermediate and advanced features to merge workbooks, perform data analysis, and audit formulas in spreadsheets. Participants also use summary functions, create PivotTables and PivotCharts, and work with macros.

Program Objectives

• Create dual axis charts

• Use dynamic charts Use chart animation Create trendline charts Create and apply chart templates

• Create custom conditional formats

• Use functions to format cells

• Manage conditional formatting rules

• Use the Error Checking Tool

• Trace formula errors

• Use the evaluate formula

• Define what a function is

• Use the correct syntax for functions

• Create and use lookup, transpose, date and time, financial, AND/OR, and conditional summary functions

• Nest functions inside other functions

• Create and use pivot tables and pivot charts

• Customize pivot tables and pivot charts

• Apply styles to pivot charts

• Use a data slicer with a pivot table

• Group and format data in a pivot table

• Create calculated fields in a pivot table

• Use PowerPivot and manage table relationships

• Use advanced filtering

• Create a shared workbook

• Track and merge changes on shared workbooks

• Insert cell comments

• Modify tab order

• Display data in multiple international formats and use international symbols

• Check worksheets for accessibility

• Use +Body and +Heading fonts

• Use custom formats for numbers, dates and times

• Use advanced format filling

• Create and modify custom cell styles

• Create custom color formats

• Set up a what-if scenario

• Use the Goal Seeking tool and create scenarios

• Use the watch window

• Open a workspace

• Consolidate data

• Create, modify, and delete a workbook template

• Protect worksheets and workbooks

• Allow ranges for editing in protected worksheets

• Copy macros from one workbook to another

• Remove workbook metadata

• Change Excel formula calculation options

Participants who complete this course will have reviewed all the exam objectives to prepare for: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Exams #77-427 and #77-428. Successful completion of the certification exam provides a competitive advantage by validating the knowledge and skill sets for individuals who may be seeking employment or further job opportunities in their careers.

Course Outline

Module 1: Advanced Functions and PivotTables

Module 2: Advanced Charts, Conditional Formatting, and Checking Formulas

Module 3: Filtering and Sharing Workbooks

Module 4: Working with Forms

Module 5: Pivot Charts and Advanced Formulas

Module 6: Protecting and Configuring Workbooks

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Funding Eligibility

The general eligibility criteria are:

• Candidates must be Singapore Citizen(s) or Permanent Resident(s) of Singapore.

• Candidates must be fully sponsored by the Applicant Company for supportable cost components (such as Course fees) incurred on the training course.

• Candidates must attain a minimum of 75% attendance for the approved courses for funding.

• Candidates repeating training in the same course will not be eligible for Training Assistance.

•  Candidates shall fulfill such other conditions of eligibility as applicable to SSG Schemes which may be amended, revised, modified or varied from time to time and at any time in The Agency’s sole discretion.

• Candidates must be persons employed by the Applicant Company, in accordance to the Employment Act, except for sole proprietors and partners, working directors, commission-based agents and members of co-operatives. To illustrate, candidates who are recruited solely for the purpose of training and be released shortly from employment thereafter are not eligible for Training Assistance. To further illustrate, candidates who are employed on different terms of employment during and after training may also lead to The Agency concluding that they are not genuine employees and the objective and spirit of the Scheme has been violated.

• Candidates must complete the full course whilst in the Applicant Company’s employment.

• The Approved Courses for Funding attended must be relevant to the candidates’ current job and in line with the business needs of the Applicant Company.

Funding Table

Eligible Courses Type of Course All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents Singapore Citizens
Aged ≥ 40 years Aged ≥ 35 years and earning ≤ $1,900/month
Non-Certifiable Courses approved by SSG All $2/hour

* For Company-sponsored (SME) Students Only

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