Business IT Architecture Fundamental

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3 day
9.00am to 5.00pm  
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S$2,800(excl of G.S.T)
2021 Course Dates
Dates available on request
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Course Overview

Business IT Architecture Fundamentals (BITAF), an Iasa foundation-level course, is one of our most popular, heavily-subscribed courses. The materials covered are based on Iasa’s IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) The ITABok is a public archive of IT Architecture best practices, skills and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa, the world’s largest association of IT Architecture professionals.

In a nutshell, BITAF is akin to Enterprise Architecture for Dummies. Combining the best practices of Architecting Business with IT and Business Requirement Architecture, this course demonstrates the key benefits and strategic values of integrating IT Architecture into a business.

You will be armed with ready answers to such questions: Why do we do the things we do in Business Architecture? What are the benefits? How can IT minimise costs and maximise profits? How to communicate the right business requirements to engage the stakeholders?

A side note on the difference between BITAF and Architecture Core (AC):

Architecture Core (AC) is a more advanced course that takes a more in-depth look at the topics covered in BITAF. From our experience, it is not uncommon for students who skipped BITAF (especially those from a non-technical background) to struggle with certain concepts covered in AC training. Successful prior completion of BITAF is certain to smooth the passage through AC training and the CITA-F exam.

Program Objectives

• Perform IT Architecture Return on Investment (ITA-ROI) modelling on IT initiatives, which would allow stakeholders to identify, justify and convey positive technology values to the business.

• Maximise business values and profits and productivity with IT, and deliver strategic values to both business operations and stakeholders.

• Understand IT Architecture management structure and how it can be transformed into value-centric initiatives.

• Identify Business IT Architecture best practices that can be effectively adopted into current business practices.

• Match business needs and wants accurately using Business Requirement Architecture, a proven technique for both business and IT teams.

• Produce accurate Business Requirement artefacts for serving as a common communication platform for IT initiatives targeting multiple stakeholders from both business and IT teams.

Course Outline

Day 1:
• Business and IT Architecture Landscape.
• Defining an IT Architect’s Journey.
• Understanding Business and IT Challenges.
• Different IT Architecture Perspectives and their Implications.
• The Business Values of IT Architecture Return on Investment (ROI).
• Strategic IT Architecture Management.
• Business Technology Strategy Foundational Skills.
• IT Environment and Quality Attributes Foundational Skills.
• Human Dynamics Foundational Skills.
• Design Foundational Skills.

Day 2:
• IT Architecture Engagement Strategy.
• IT Architecture Roles and their Specialisation.
• The Driving Force for Business Architecture Initiative.
• The Five Components of Business Architecture.
• Value Stream Integration with Business Architecture.
• The New Enterprise Paradigm.
• Business Requirement Architecture (BRA) Unveiled.
• Key Benefits of BRA.
• Use Case Scenarios in BRA.
• Guidelines in Architecting Business Requirement.

Day 3:
• Walkthrough of Business Requirement Architecture.
• Template Packages in Use Case Requirement Modelling.
• Sections of Complete Use Case Requirement Documentation.
• The Building Blocks of Complete Use Case Scenarios.
• Identifying and Avoiding Mistakes in Modelling Use Case.
• Business Requirement Patterns–Best Practices.
• IT Governance in a Nutshell.
• Wrap Up & Next Step.

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