Basic Python 3 Programming

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5 days
9:00am to 5.00pm
80 Jurong East Street 21 #04-04
Devan Nair Institute
Singapore 609607
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S$ (excl of G.S.T)
2020 Course Dates
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Course Overview

This Python 3 Programming training leads the student from the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules. Extra emphasis is placed on features unique to Python, such as tuples, array slices, and output formatting. This is a hands-on programming class. Python Programming is a practical introduction to a working programming language, not an academic overview of syntax and grammar.

Program Objectives

Working/user level knowledge of an operating system such as Linus, Windows or MacOS is the pre-requisites. Basic skill with at least one other programming language is desirable.

Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: An Overview of Python

Module 3: The Python Environment

Module 4: Getting Started

Module 5: Flow Control

Module 6: Sequences

Module 7: Working with files

Module 8: Dictionaries and Sets

Module 9: Functions

Module 10: Sorting

Module 11: Using Modules

Module 12: Using the Standard Library

Module 13: An Introduction to Python Classes

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