“I decide that I need to upgrade myself to learn more computer skills.” Those are the words from Fung Liang who participated in Avantus’s Mobile App and E-Commerce Web Development program at SG Enable Village from 1-5 July 2019. Fung Liang, better known as ‘Fung’ or ‘Fungus’ among his friends, is a former Singapore para-athlete. He is a freelance product graphic designer by profession and has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic & Product design.

His interest in Mobile App development drove Fung’s desire to enrol for the program. It is a longstanding interest and a driving factor that he had always wanted to understand how a mobile app is created, develop and marketed. He had picked up some knowledge about Mobile App development, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help him get started. Coincidentally, he received an electronic direct mail (EDM) from Avantus Training with regards to Mobile App development, it then stimulates his interest even more. He started reading about what is the program about, hence got himself signed up.



Fung’s participation throughout the program is nothing short of a memorable experience as he has raving reviews to share about his training experience. He specifically commended Stanley Ng (the trainer) methods of teaching. Stanley had lightened the mood in the classroom of which, for some would-be wary of learning complex Mobile App development.

Stanley’s methods were conducive for the participants in such a manner, and he would break down certain complex parts. He would then deliberately reinforce specific topics/instructions that would give them clarity on how to go about developing in their apps assignment. Fung believes that had Stanley not done that many of the participants would find themselves lost during the lessons. Stanley’s experience and understanding of the teaching pace were valued by many. A key contributing factor to Stanley’s methods of teaching includes owning a business that specialises in creating mobile apps.



Creating six mobile apps is an assignment handed to them as part of the program assessments. Furthermore, they get paid for their work, and it helps to boost their motivation level. There is a quality check done by Stanley and his team if their apps are good for publishing. It gives Fung and his classmates a good indicator of what it is like to be in the real world. When asked about what are the three key benefits that he derived from this course, he mentioned, “Learn how to create a mobile app, understanding e-commerce and how WordPress functions and its capabilities.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who basically has no knowledge of mobile apps and web development”, Fung commended. Not only in that developing front, but aspiring developers are also able to make money out of it. Fung added “he highly recommend it to anyone who aspires to work in an IT Department in the near future or something along the lines of e-commerce or digital marketing. For aspiring developers or graphic designer, this program adds ammunition to their portfolio and skillsets.” Stanley stresses that apps are very much in-demand in any industry. It’s still a growing market and with an increasing demand for Mobile Apps.  Now is the time to upgrade your skills and stay ahead.