Exam Center Operating Hours

9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

Exam Registration (for Avantus’ students and trainees)

  • Email to exams@avantustraining.com the voucher redemption code indicated in the exam letter given to you. *Do note that the redemption code is NOT the actual voucher
  • The exam administrator will proceed with your exam registration and a confirmation email will be sent to you upon successful registration
Rescheduling/ Cancelling Scheduled Exam
  • Inform Avantus/Exam Admin at least 2 working days before exam date
  • Avantus is unable to accept any last minute requests for cancellations/rescheduling for exam on the actual exam date. No refunds will be made.
  • Failure to turn up for scheduled exam will be considered as “No Show”
Exam Registration (Public and everyone else)

  • You may register your exam via www.pearsonvue.com.
  • Our exam schedules can be viewed online once you select Avantus Training as your preferred testing centre.
  • Credit Card will be used for the online payment.
Rescheduling / Cancelling Scheduled Exam
  • Inform PearsonVUE at 800-448-1552 (toll-free) at least 2 working days before exam date.
  • Inform PearsonVUE as well, in the case of last minute cancelling /rescheduling.
  • Failure to turn up for the scheduled exam will be considered as “No Show”

Time of Arrival at the Testing Centre

  • Students are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time
Identification Forms
  • You are required to provide 2 (TWO) forms of identification, one with a signature and one with a verifiable photo of yourself
  • Forms of identification can be:
    • NRIC/FIN
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • Student ID
    • Credit Card
Items prohibited in the testing room
  • You are not allowed to bring any personal items such as:
    • Books/Notes (unless it is a Open Book Exam)
    • Purses/Wallets
    • Keys
    • Coins
    • Phones/Tablets
    • Alarm Clocks
    • Food/Drinks
  • A locker will be provided for you. You are to store all belongings in the locker provided.

Exam Results/Score Report


Your score report is printed automatically when you finish your exams. However, BETA exam will not be furnished with any score reports.

Good Luck and Have a Great Examination